Chris Rock turned down the offer to host “Oscars 2023”

After the slap scandal at the Oscars event in March this year, Hollywood comedian Chris Rock has reportedly turned down an offer to host the Oscars next year. In 2022, actor Will Smith slapped host Chris Rock in the middle of the award ceremony, after which there was a ruckus about the actor and Will Smith had to resign from the Academy. Although he had previously publicly apologized for his actions, he had to resign after the matter escalated and the Academy also banned Smith from the Oscars for 10 years.

According to the Arizona Republic, during a comedy set at the Arizona Financial Theater on Sunday, Chris described going back to the Oscars as returning to the crime scene. He compared the offer to the host of the OJ Simpson murder case in 1995, saying that hosting the Oscars again was like sending Brown Simpson to the place where his mother was murdered. Chris further said that he also turned down the offer to appear in a Super Bowl ad after the slap scandal.

Will Smith slapped him at a gathering after comedian Chris Rock was angry at his wife Jada Pinkett Smith’s hairless head. Jada is suffering from a disease due to which she has no hair on her head. Will Smith didn’t like anyone making fun of his wife and he slapped Chris on stage during a live TV show. Which surprised the whole world.

Contributed by: Uttam Kumar Ojha

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