Chit-Chat with Jagnoor Aneja!



Known for his extraordinary runway direction skills, Jagnoor Aneja has been a role model for many youngsters who wants to enter into the world of fashion. Let’s have a chit chat with him and know about the journey of this Delhi boy.

1. What defines Jagnoor Aneja? And tell us something about your untold journey. 

If I have to define myself in one line than I would say “Jagnoor Aneja is an open book”. My journey has been like a roller-coaster ride. Last year, I lost my father, I was totally in a depression zone. Since that horrendous incident., the time has been very difficult for me. If I think of that time today, it still gives me goosebumps.


2. From studying history hons. to entering into the fashion world, tell us more about you?

I always wanted to be in the fashion industry. When I was pursuing history hons., I realized this is not what I wanted to do. Then I started taking part in various pageants, people criticized me for that but I was adamant to my decisions and see after facing so much criticism, I am running my own fashion and acting institute Indian school of Modelling and Fashion. Moreover, I always believe in the fact that “what is yours, will always be yours no matter what”.

  3. Tell us, what fashion industry has taught you?

This industry has taught me only one thing “always believe in yourself and your hard work. As in this industry, you will get to meet those people who will try to pull you down”

 4. How spiritual are you?

I am very a spiritual person. Being a Punjabi Munda, I visit gurudwara daily, no matter what.

  5. Whats’s your style statement?

My style statement is anything comfortable and i believe fashion & comfort go hand in hand.

 6. From ramp to reality shows, tell us something about your fan following and criticism you have faced?

I think fan following is not the appropriate word in my case as I haven’t achieved anything that big yet but yes it feels so good when people admire you and your work. I feel overwhelmed when people praise me for what I am doing. And criticism is also very important as this gives you a boost to work harder.

 7. Two things you can’t live without?

Dance and my mom. As dancing is into my blood and my mom is my life.

 8. Tell us about your equation with your younger brother?

I would say more than brothers, we are best friends. 






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