Bobby Deol, Ashmit Patel to, Raveena Tandon; Check out Actors Who Made a Roaring RETURN

We all have our favourite actors, but at times, they choose to step away from the limelight. Ever wondered what your favourite actors do when they’re out of the limelight? They make a spectacular comeback, that’s what! From Bobby Deol, Ashmit Patel to Sushmita Sen, several actors have reemerged stronger than ever on OTT platforms. Their return has been nothing short of triumphant, with performances that resonate deeply with audiences. Today, let us take a look at actors who reclaimed the screen with their unforgettable portrayals, leaving a lasting impact on the world of OTT.

*Bobby Deol*
Bobby Deol made a powerful comeback with “Aashram” on MX Player. Portraying Baba Nirala, he captivated audiences with his intense and realistic performance. The series, highlighting deception within spiritual circles, garnered much attention and anticipation for its 4th season. Following this success, Bobby wowed audiences in Netflix’s “Animal,” portraying a silent yet powerful mafia character seeking revenge. His talent and versatility reaffirm his status as a remarkable actor, marking a resurgence in his career.

*Ashmit Patel*
After a self-imposed break, Ashmit Patel returned to the screen with “State V/S Ahuja” on Watcho Exclusives, portraying a celebrity embroiled in scandal. He followed up with “Scammy Boys” on Zee5, directed by Shoib Nikash Shah, playing a corrupt cop roping college boys into a drug racket. These back-to-back releases showcased his versatility, reminding viewers of his talent.

*Sushmita Sen*
Sushmita Sen roared like a lioness in the comeback series “Aarya” on Disney+Hotstar, captivating audiences with her portrayal. The show’s immense popularity led to three parts, with the latest instalment recently released, adding to the excitement. Sen’s performance effortlessly balanced vulnerability and strength, keeping viewers engaged with every twist in the plot. Her role in “Taali” further showcased her versatility and talent, solidifying her status as one of Bollywood’s iconic leading ladies.

*Raveena Tandon*
Raveena Tandon made a stunning comeback with Netflix’s “Arayank” after a break from the limelight. Portraying a police officer grappling with inner turmoil while investigating a tragic case, her performance left audiences spellbound, reaffirming her talent. Recently, she also shone in “Karma Calling,” embodying a vengeful queen from the 90s. Both roles highlighted her versatility and garnered widespread acclaim.

*Juhi Chawla*
Juhi Chawla’s return to the screen in “Hush Hush” was nothing short of phenomenal. Her portrayal of the character Ishi in the OTT series on Prime Video captivated audiences, adding depth to the storyline with her mysterious murder. This marked a highly anticipated comeback for Juhi, who has since been seen in other OTT projects like “Friday Night Plan” and “The Railway Man,” showcasing her versatility as an actress. Fans are now eagerly awaiting her upcoming projects in 2024, expecting more outstanding performances.

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