Ayushi Khurana took a break from her busy schedule of her show ‘Ajooni’ to immerse herself in the divine ambience of the Shiv temple

Ayushi Khurana who portrays the lead character in Star Bharat’s hit show ‘Ajooni,’ embarked on a spiritual journey as the holy month of Shravan began. Seeking divine blessings and spiritual rejuvenation, Ayushi visited a Shiv temple to offer her prayers and connect with the auspicious energy that surrounds this sacred time.

Ayushi Khurana, known for her mesmerizing on-screen performances, took a break from her busy schedule to immerse herself in the divine ambience of the Shiv temple. Adorned in traditional attire, she gracefully offered flowers, incense, and holy water to Lord Shiva’s idol, seeking his divine guidance and blessings.

The holy month of Shravan holds great significance in Hindu culture, dedicated to Lord Shiva, the embodiment of power and benevolence. Devotees observe fasts and engage in prayers and rituals throughout this month, believing it to be an auspicious period for seeking blessings, spiritual growth, and divine intervention.

Reflecting on her visit, Ayushi emphasized the importance of incorporating spiritual practices into her personal and professional journey. *She shared, “I believe that faith and spirituality play an integral role in maintaining a balanced and harmonious life and as an actress, it is essential to stay connected with our roots and draw inspiration from our culture and traditions. I also share a common trait with my reel character ‘Ajooni’ as we both are very spiritual and I believe seeking blessings during this sacred month not only helps me stay grounded but also infuses positivity and purity into my work.”


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