Ayushi Khurana Delights in Monsoon with a Scrumptious Pakora Party on her set from Star Bharat show ‘Ajooni’

The crew of Star Bharat’s highly acclaimed show, ‘Ajooni,’ recently came together to embrace the joyous monsoon season with a delightful pakora party on the set. This vibrant gathering not only added a dash of flavor to their busy schedules but also fostered a sense of unity and camaraderie among the cast and crew. The tantalizing aroma of sizzling pakoras filled the air, igniting everyone’s taste buds and setting the stage for a truly enjoyable affair. The lead Ayushi Khurana who usually avoids junk and oily food devoured on pakora party.

Speaking about the same she said, *“Monsoon makes me happy; the environment becomes so pleasant and the best thing to enjoy monsoon is with a cup of ‘Garam chai’ and ‘Pakora’. I usually avoid eating junk and oily food but I love to hog on to samosa pav, Wada Pav and Pakora’s. It was a delight to have tasty fest of pakora’s on sets in between our hectic schedule”.*

Beyond the delectable food, the pakora party also provided a much-needed break from the hectic shooting schedules. The cast and crew laughed, shared anecdotes, and engaged in lighthearted banter, strengthening the bonds that go beyond their roles on the show. This gathering epitomized the spirit of unity and teamwork, creating an even stronger sense of camaraderie that reflects in the success of ‘Ajooni.’

The pakora party on the set of ‘Ajooni’ was a resounding success, creating cherished memories that will endure long after the monsoon rains have subsided. This event exemplified the dedication and passion of the ‘Ajooni’ crew, who not only deliver exceptional performances on screen but also nurture a supportive and inclusive work environment.


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