‘As an artist, it’s very rare that you are working everyday,’ Reveals says  Watcho Exclusives’ Flash actor Sagar Kapoor

Many actors today are not just performers but also multifaceted talents, venturing into singing, entrepreneurship, modelling, and more. Sagar Kapoor, known for his roles in Watcho Exclusives series like “Flash,” exemplifies this versatility. Recently, he emphasised how diversifying one’s work is crucial for personal and professional growth.

*Sagar Kapoor, revealed how he balances multiple hats and said,* “As an artist, it’s very rare that you are working everyday. I prefer to stay active and busy rather than sitting idle at home. I believe in keeping my body and mind engaged as it improves with use. I pay attention to what calls to my soul and focus on that. I don’t really manage anything as such; I simply do what’s needed in the given situation. Modelling and acting bring joy to my heart, while music feels like meditation to me. Whenever I sing and play guitar, it fills me with happiness.

*He further added,* “I also run an education institution called ‘ATHAH SAGAR,’ where I train aspiring models and actors. It keeps me busy, and I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned in my 12-year career in the industry. Currently, I’m also writing songs, and I plan to release my first EP on my birthday, which is on July 19th. My music style blends soft rock, jazz, and country, reflecting my diverse interests.”

The young actor portrays Aryan in the Watcho Exclusives series ‘Flash,’ who embarks on a quest to find his missing brother, Vansh, portrayed by actor Anshul Pandey. *Talking about how he prepared for his role for the Watcho Exclusives series, Sagar shared,* “It wasn’t easy to portray a character like this. I had to convey strong emotions and master specific body language with both intensity and ease. So, I did a lot of homework and created a backstory, which helped me approach this role gracefully.”

Directed by Shaurya Singh, ‘Flash’ on Watcho Exclusives is a gripping series following Vansh Kundra, a talented portrait photographer, drawn into mystery during a routine shoot with enigmatic Aksha Chauhan. In a lavish yet eerie penthouse, unexpected events challenge Vansh’s reality. Unveiling lies and secrets, ‘Flash’ gradually reveals Aksha’s true identity and sinister forces, keeping viewers enthralled.  Available exclusively on the Watcho App, Flash delivers a thrilling experience that will leave you wanting more.




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