Arvind Limited celebrates International Day of Persons with Disabilities,with a heart-warming film, ‘Fashion for All’

Staying true to one of its fundamental values that businesses must positively impact society, Arvind Limited once again communicates its belief in enabling new mind-sets through fashion. The popular clothing brand today released its latest film titled ‘Fashion for All’ to celebrate the ‘International Day of Persons with Disabilities’ in collaboration with Atypical Advantage – India’s largest inclusive platform that generates livelihood opportunities for persons with disabilities.

In harmony with the ongoing wedding season, the film opens to two best friends sharing a moment of togetherness against the backdrop of a wedding. The film offers a glimpse of an excitement-filled wedding day through the perspective of a differently-abled groom and his best man. “Fashion for All” celebrates the commonality of human spirit; the desire to look good remains common despite all our differences. The film brings this message to life through some heartwarming moments shared between the groom and his best friend. Sachin Shetty, the lead actor in the film who suffers from Distal Spinal Muscular Atrophy, effortlessly plays the groom, something which is even more laudable when one considers that this is his first time in front of the camera. The film is conceptualised and scripted by At Large Communications and produced by Cheese & Crackers, while the talent partner for the ad film is Atypical Advantage.

Pranav Dave, CMO & Business Head – Retail Division, Arvind Limited shared, “As a market leader, we are not driven only by bottom lines and profits, but are inspired to build social impact and create opportunities where few exist. As a brand, Arvind has grown holistically over the years, and through our range of social collaborations, we have always tried to make a difference in the society. With this film, we intend to connect with our consumers at an emotional level and showcase the inclusive values that Arvind stands for as a fashion brand of today and that society at large must espouse. The initial feedback has been overwhelming which will definitely encourage us to undertake similar initiatives in the future. We strongly believe that fashion empowers and we are happy to celebrate inclusive fashion that spreads positivity.”

Vineet Saraiwala, Founder of Atypical Advantage said “We aspire to build new and diverse livelihood opportunities for people with disabilities and want them to be recognized for their abilities and efforts and not be undermined for their physical limitations. Just like everyone else, they too have a right to lead a life of pride and dignity. We are glad that an established brand like Arvind has created an insightful campaign for People with Disabilities; our association with them through the lead actor has already helped him inch closer towards his dream of becoming a professional actor one day. We are proud of this collaboration and we are confident that we will continue to complement each other’s work in the future and give back to the society in the best possible manner.”


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