Apoorva Arora: Pathaan is proof that Shah Rukh Khan’s charm is like fine wine, only gets better with time

Apoorva Arora is an actress and social media sensation, who has a huge fan following with quite a range of roles to her credit. While she’s been a part of web projects off late, she also has worked in films like OMG: Oh My God!, and Holiday, among others. She is also loved for her role in the hit series College Romance.

While she obviously wishes to do a lot more on the work front, she is also working on widening her movie spectrum, and for that, she decided to watch 15 films by the end of January. While she accomplished that, it was Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan that turned out to be her 15th film, and apart from being proud about it, she is also ecstatic. The movie has done wonders and continues to do so at the box office.

She had shared the update on social media along with films she watched. The movies on her list include the likes of Harry Potter, Murder Mystery, Grown Ups, Pulp Fiction, Zohan, among others. And well, she ended it with a banger of a movie, Pathaan.

Ask Apoorva about what prompted her to try this, and experience watching Pathaan, she said, “I’m usually skeptical about most things in life but I do believe in the magic of cinema, and definitely in the power of Shah Rukh Khan. Watching him on the big screen was really comforting even though Pathaan is an action-heavy film. The movie is such a movement right now and the love it has received is massive, and the box office numbers speak for itself.”

She added, “No matter how long I’ve lived in Mumbai, every time I cross Mannat, I can’t help but stop and stare for a bit, such is his aura. With Pathaan, he has proven once again that his charm is like fine wine, it only gets better and more charismatic with time.”

Well, we couldn’t agree more!


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