Ankita Konwar Celebrates Her 30th Birthday With Husband, Milind Soman And An Ultra-Run

Marks the special occasion with 30 Surya Namaskars, a 30 KM run and a lush getaway

Their names are synonymous with fitness, so it is only becoming that Milind Soman and Ankita Konwar celebrate a milestone occasion doing their favorite thing, running. Ankita, who turned 30 earlier this week commemorated the day with a spectacular 30 KM run. That’s not all, she topped off the challenging run with 30 Surya Namaskars!

Through their eight years of marriage, the couple has been upfront about choosing health and fitness. Running has been a passion for both of them, and the duo can often be found sprinting away, be it high up in winding mountains or on the streets and flyovers of Mumbai. However, this time, the duo decided to leave the hustle and bustle of the city and bring in Ankita’s birthday at an Airbnb Villa in Alibaug, which also happens to be the place they tied the knot.

To mark the milestone birthday, Milind and Ankita stayed at a lovely Airbnb Villa, which had a cozy and luxurious four-bedroom setup. The villa is designed with contemporary comforts and has an especially rustic charm, making it a great place to unwind. The spacious home also boasts of a sprawling lawn, a gorgeous lake view, and a Grecian pool, perfect for an after-run relaxing dip.

Speaking about their relaxing getaway, both Milind and Ankita agree that it was the ideal way to bring in a special birthday and they wouldn’t have it any other way. “I wanted to mark this special occasion by doing something I love the most. And of course, running is what both of us are passionate about. The idea of running my age for my birthday has been a thing I’ve been doing for last 3 years now. And what made it even more special was that we were able to bring in the occasion at a heavenly Airbnb villa in Alibaug. The highlight of the stay was the private garden which was the most beautiful place to get our dose of 30 surya namaskar done. This birthday is definitely a one to remember for a long time to come!” said Ankita.

There you have it, if you are a seasoned ultra-runner or even an aspiring one, running may soon become the next cool way to celebrate a birthday.




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