Anil Kapoor Gives An Epic Reply When Asked About How Sonam Reacted To His New KFC Ad

The actor joined the year’s biggest virtual burger party by KFC which witnessed 500 people coming together to relish the new KFC Value Burgers 

The long weekend gone by was unlike any other. There was much buzz & excitement in burger-land as KFC India hosted the biggest virtual burger party of the year! KFC’s Big Burger Bash was indeed a party like no other as it brought together burger lovers (and some willful converts; for burgers like these who wouldn’t), popular social media stars, food communities, bloggers and consumers from across the country, to relish their favourite new Value Burges. Taking the energy quotient of the Bash a notch higher and adding more spice to the party celebrations was legendary actor & KFC fan Anil Kapoor. Anil shared his love for KFC burgers and posed for pictures with other participants at the Bash, in his iconic jhakaas style. With about 500 people coming together from across cities, this was indeed the first-of-its-kind and largest gathering of people coming together virtually for a burger party.

Sharing his experience of being a part of the Burger Bash, Moksh Chopra, Chief Marketing Officer, KFC India said, “KFC’s Value Burgers have been garnering much love amongst consumers since their launch earlier this year. In fact, Anil Kapoor’s epic dialogue from the campaign film has created much buzz on social and online mediums. We felt what better way to celebrate the love for KFC burgers than, by hosting the Big Burger Bash – a virtual party with a difference. We invited our KFC fans to come together and celebrate their shared love for burgers; while digging into some delectable burgers on the side. Having the legendary Anil Kapoor be a part of the Bash meant it wasn’t just the biggest bash of the year, but the most exciting too!”

“I am an ardent foodie and burgers are one of my favourites. And KFC’s Value Burgers are just the kind I like. So obviously I had to be a part of the year’s biggest virtual bash – KFC’s Big Burger Bash! I had such a blast enjoying KFC’s Value Burgers with fellow KFC fans from all across the country. Indeed, it was a ‘jhakaas’ moment! This is the stuff epic parties (and patties) are made of!” said Anil Kapoor as upped the energy and star quotient of the Burger Bash.

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