Alka Badola Kaushal talks about the ongoing mother and daughter-in-law in Sony TV’s Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye

In the previous episodes of Sony Entertainment Television’s show Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye, the viewers witnessed how a few journalists showed up at the Oberoi household to interview Soumya (Vidhi Pandya) for her viral video where she highlighted the importance of wearing sarees in the Indian culture. As the journalists express their appreciation for Soumya’s stand in her video, she credits the initiative to be that of her mother-in-law, Sushma (Alka Badola Kaushal ).  An elated Sushma, shows her pride in her daughter-in-law on camera, calling her ‘the best daughter-in-law’ in the world. Although this act clearly angers Armaan (Vijayendra Kumeria ) , the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law duo share a heart-warming moment together.

Alka Badola Kaushal, who essays the role of Sushma on the show, talks about how her character has always had trouble with doing what is right. She says, “Sushma has always struggled with picking the right side, mainly because her voice is often trampled in this patriarchal society. Her history of being unable to choose what is right has hurt her multiple times, and she wishes to do right for once by herself and by others.”

She adds, “I believe that this development is extremely significant in Sushma’s character arc; as someone who has never looked beyond herself, she is going to show a lot of growth by supporting her daughter-in-law for her beliefs and actions.”

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