Actress Meera Deosthale is all set to play a lead role in Star Bharat’s show ‘Gur Se Meetha Ishq’ – Don’t Miss

Star Bharat has always sought out proven methods to entertain and engage its viewers through its content. The public has been anticipating the premiere of the channel’s new upcoming offering, ‘Gur Se Meetha Ishq,’ since the program’s promotional debut, and if we talk about the star cast, the crowd’s favoured actress Meera Deosthale will join the show after Pandemic. After a long layoff, she is returning to television again. She is the Mira Parallel Lead in this programme, as far as we know.

*Meera Deosthale finally conveys about her strong character in ‘Gur Se Meetha Ishq’ after retaining her patience during Pandemic:* “I have gone through a lot of mixed emotions in the last two year when I wanted to return to work. Those were challenging times, but I’m grateful for my upcoming show now. My character is very distinct and firmer than the others I’ve played.”

When asked about Meera Deosthale and Pankhuri Awasthi playing parallel leads in the show, she said, “To be honest, I was initially hesitant and I will not lie about it. However, from day one, the makers kept everything transparent about the show for all of us, which is very important for an actor especially when it comes to two actresses sharing the screen. Coming to the character, Pankhuri and my role are very different like land and sky. As the name of the show clearly suggests, it is a beautiful love story. It is about two different girls Pankhuri Awasthi and how my character fights against all odds to achieve their dreams. My character is very different from other daily serial characters. Also, I can confirm that it will be the first time for a girl to play such a character on Indian television.”

Stay tuned to witness Mira Deosthale in a unique character only on Star Bharat!

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