Actor Saqib Saleem lists his top picks for some father-son bonding this Father’s Day

Head for a road trip, stay at an Airbnb home, cook a meal together and learn something new with Airbnb Online Experiences

Father’s Day is just around the corner and everyone is making a list of the perfect gift to get for their dad.

But instead of getting your dad another wallet or shirt, actor Saqib Saleem recommends going on a road trip with him. According to him, while road trips with friends are fun, traveling with your father can be as fulfilling. Each year, Saqib joins his dad for a road-trip adventure, and they go somewhere where they can sit back, relax, and get to know each other better.

Saqib has taken enough road trips with his dad, but still, each one brings something new. Here are some tips from him on planning the perfect Father’s Day getaway:

Saqib and his dad on their last road trip from Mumbai to Kerala

Hit the road with your dad

There’s nothing like breathing in the fresh air away from the flurry of everyday life. Road trips can bring a sense of peace rarely offered by other experiences. An open road, a set of wheels, and some nice music is an idyllic setting for some father-offspring bonding. Saqib says his road journeys with his dad involve a lot of conversations, singing songs, sometimes stopping to take small walks or try out food at local outlets, as well as reminiscing family memories.

Choose to stay at an Airbnb Home

Saqib recommends staying at an Airbnb Home while travelling. It gives you enough opportunities to spend time with your loved ones. During your stay, don’t forget to ask your Airbnb Hosts for some recommendations, as the best way to go local, explore the neighbourhood, and get exclusive knowledge about the destination is through the locals. Saqib and his dad recently stayed at Airbnb’s ForestValley TreeHouse while on a road trip through Karnataka.

Saqib Saleem said “Since I was a little boy, I have always shared an extremely special bond with my father. It’s never a dull moment when I am with him and hence I love exploring new cities, towns and experiences with him by my side. We love to travel and particularly enjoy each destination to the fullest. The local stays and experiences that you wouldn’t find on every itinerary are intriguing and that’s why we love staying at Airbnb’s whenever we travel.  From meeting new people, hearing the host’s life stories and indulging in local food, Airbnb always ensures a holistic experience. This Father’s Day, I really recommend that you take some time off your busy schedule, plan a trip with your dad and relive your childhood memories. Trust me, it’ll be an amazing getaway that you will both always cherish”

Cook a meal together

‘A family that cooks together, stays together’. For Saqib, the best way to bond with his dad is by cooking along with him. Saqib’s dad is a hardcore foodie and loves everything that’s related to food. They often try out new recipes and enjoy the entire experience. On their recent trip to Coorg, the duo were seen making some delicious grills together at a barbeque eve at their Airbnb treehouse.

Have a go at Online Airbnb Experiences

Whether you’ve managed to hit the road or are staying at home, an Airbnb Experience can be completely worth your time, says Saqib. From creating the perfect cocktail, learning new recipes, to trying out something new together, there are a ton of things that you can do with your dad from wherever you are.

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