Abhay 2 #TheRoadToJustice continues on 4th September with new episodes


ZEE5 releases new trailer with Kunal Kemmu, Ram Kapoor, Indraneil Sengupta, Asha Negi, Nidhi Singh and Asheema Vardhan
The most awaited second season of Abhay finally premiered on the 14th August weekend on ZEE5 leaving the audience spell-bound and asking for more. As you all know, episode 3 ended on a cliff-hanger and that’s where it will pick up from now. You will see a confrontation between Abhay and the villain and how he is sending him on a wild goose chase.New episodes stream from
4th September and for everyone who has been eagerly looking forward to them, the wait is finally over!It begins with Ram Kapoor hinting at playing his second plot by showing how Indraneil’s posting as an officer would always have some virgin women missing, but where? How and why? What would happen to them? Abhay tries and puts all the pieces together, but is unable to.The secret is revealed as it’s shown that the officer would share a romantic experience with those women and then kill them and have a delightful bath with their blood and also bathe his mother in it. Well, you’re thinking the reason? It’s an age old secret of staying young forever that they believe in.You will also see Asheema Vardhan in a never seen before character, playing a schizophrenic. You will realise that she will not come across as a deviant person at all, in fact you may feel bad for her situation.Will Abhay be able to track the killer? Will he trust Ram Kapoor? Who is the mysterious woman killing men?  So many questions with all the answers in the upcoming episodes.
The team is planning a really twisted end, something you cannot even imagine!If you’ve missed the first three episodes check it out now, they’re streaming exclusively on ZEE5. New episodes premiere 4th September only on ZEE5.


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