A series of conundrums unveils Pihu’s truth before her father Ram Kapoor in Sony TV’s ‘Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2’

Love is a beautiful emotion that connects individuals through feelings. Such is the story of everyone’s favorite, Ram Kapoor (Nakuul Mehta) and Pihu (Aarohi Kumawat), of Sony Entertainment Television’s Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2. Though both are unaware that they are actually father and daughter, the two started on a rough note and gradually developed a strong bond. Now, truth beckons as ardent fans of the show prepare for the inevitable: Ram getting to know who Pihu actually is.

Viewers have watched how Ram has grown fond of Pihu and wishes that she and Priya stay back with him forever unknown to Nandini Kapoor (Shubhaavi Choksey). He even requested Krish to allow Priya and Pihu to stay with him and doesn’t want to let the chance go in vain. Now as fate would have it, Ishaan will decide to confess the truth about Shivani’s death after being blackmailed by Vedika. Priya will get hold of Ishaan and stop him from doing so. Ram overhears Ishaan venting his anger out to Priya and telling her how he is the reason for Pihu being separated from her real father. What will be Nandini’s next plan who managed to keep the truth hidden from Ram for so many years? Will Ram forgive Priya for hiding this truth from him or the truth will once again break #RaYa?

Talking about the captivating sequence, Shubhaavi Choksey says, “A lot has gone down in the past few episodes and the drama has only become more chaotic with the unravelling of secrets and conspiracies. Nandini who was aware of Pihu’s truth and has up until this point kept it a secret from Ram. By threatening Priya with Pihu’s name, Nandini was able to keep her away from Ram but now that Ram is finally aware of Pihu’s truth, it will be a challenge for Nandini to keep them away. Nandini will not give up so easily and what will be her next step will be an interesting watch for the audience.”


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