5 Young Writers whose journeys have made a remarkable impact in the audio series space

In a world full of hidden talents, young writers are finding their voices and becoming literary stars in the realm of audio series. These budding writers have used the world of audio to change their lives and captivate listeners. As Pocket FM, a global audio series platform that has provided a launching pad for aspiring writers across India, especially in the heartland of the country, marks its 5-year anniversary, we delve into the creative journeys of these young writers. These rising stars have used audio to tell exciting stories that connect with people all around the globe.

*Swapnil Jain*
Swapnil Jain, a multi-faceted artist who transitioned from acting to writing, defied the odds to become a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. Hailing from Bhawani Mandi, a town in Rajasthan, he embarked on a creative journey spanning writing, theater, and film in 2014. His versatility shines through as an actor, director, and writer for various theater groups and NGOs. While initially known for acting in web series like “Crash Course,” Swapnil’s exceptional writing talent soon took centrestage. A turning point in his career came with his collaboration with Pocket FM, where he played a pivotal role in creating the groundbreaking audio series ‘Insta Millionaire,’ amassing 650 million plays and multiple awards. Deeply immersed in audio series, Swapnil also wrote acclaimed plays like “Romeo and Juliet in Smart Cities of Contemporary India” and “HAIN!,” earning widespread acclaim and featuring in national theater festivals. Impressively, he wore the hats of both writer and actor in “Rubisha,” now streaming on Disney+Hotstar.

*Priyanka Rao*
Priyanka Rao, 25, originally from Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, began her career in the Rajasthan private sector. However, her desire for a Ph.D. in chemistry led her to a serendipitous encounter with Pocket FM, courtesy of a perceptive friend. With unwavering enthusiasm but no concrete plan, Priyanka ventured into this unique industry, initially keeping her shift secret from her father, confiding only in her mother. Her journey began with Pocket FM’s audio series, where her talent garnered recognition. As her confidence grew, she revealed her new career path to her father and continued to excel. Today, Priyanka Rao is a well-known writer, celebrated for her audio series “The Return.” Her story exemplifies the transformative power of determination and courage, inspiring countless others to embrace change and pursue their true passion.

*Apurva Anitya*
Apurva Anitya, the writer behind the audio series “Sherdil,” exemplifies the power of pursuing her passion. From a small town in Madhya Pradesh, Apurva followed her love for writing after marriage, holding an M.A. in economics. She began her professional journey with magazine contributions and translations but lacked financial independence. During the lockdown, she discovered Pocket FM through a friend, and with support from her in-laws and husband, she embraced writing for the audio series “Sherdil.” This newfound career allowed her to work from home, achieving financial independence. Apurva and her husband chose to live independently in a rented apartment, valuing the freedom and financial stability her writing offered. Despite doubts from others, her family’s unwavering belief fueled her creativity. Apurva credits Pocket FM for transforming her into a self-recognized celebrity. Her journey highlights the fact that a person sets their mind to accomplishing their true calling, with grit and persistence success can be achieved.

*Moni Singh*
Moni Singh, a 21-year-old student from Bihar, discovered her passion for penning stories  at 19, forging a path to creativity and financial independence. Despite financial challenges, she supported her family, especially her sole-breadwinner father. Moni shattered stereotypes as the first writer in her family and inspired others to pursue their passion, encouraging Bihar’s women along the way. She witnessed positive changes as more women entered the workforce and pursued education in Bihar. Her determination drew strength from her mother, who lacked formal education but provided invaluable inspiration and wisdom. Her father’s joy upon receiving her first paycheck reflected the family’s support and pride. Moni’s debut audio series, “Devil se Shaadi” on Pocket FM, aimed to craft narratives filled with positivity and emotion, showcasing her unwavering dedication and love for her craft. Balancing her MBA with writing presented a challenge she willingly embraced. Moni, whose debut series became an instant hit among listeners, credits Pocket FM for her newfound success.

*Piyali Kar*
Piyali Kar, the writer of Pocket FM’s popular audio series “Maseeha Doctor,” excels in the medium. Her journey, marked by diverse influences, career shifts, and a deep storytelling passion, began in the GEC space at Colors TV and Voot. Transitioning to audio series at Pocket FM presented unique challenges and rewards. Originally from Himachal Pradesh, her upbringing in Chhattisgarh amid various cultures nurtured her belief in universal stories. Adaptability as a small-town girl and adventures in remote Chhattisgarh enriched her storytelling. Inspired by family traditions and experiences, Piyali shifted from media to audio storytelling, appreciating audio’s power in a visually saturated world. She skillfully blends modernity with mythology and culture, creating captivating narratives that forge personal connections with listeners. With family support and a background in radio competitions at All India Radio, Piyali shares her cultural tapestry and boundless imagination with eager audiences.


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