5 reasons why Sony TV’s  ‘Crime Patrol 2.0’ is a much watch

In India, approximately every 5 seconds somebody falls prey to a heinous act of crime. Since 2003, Sony Entertainment Television has been instilling a lot of awareness within each one of its viewers with its longest-running crime docu-drama, Crime Patrol. Showcasing compelling cases with gritty storytelling of the criminal activities from across India, the channel is set to bring this marquee show in an all-new avatar with Crime Patrol 2.0 starting tonight, every Mon-Fri at 10 pm.

And, here are five reasons why ‘Crime Patrol 2.0’ is a must-watch for the audience:

Fast-paced and edgier – All new Crime Patrol 2.0

Taking up the thrill quotient a notch higher, this marquee show gets a new avatar with Crime Patrol 2.0 i.e. bigger, grittier and more gripping than before as they take the viewers on pursuits with the police as they attempt to solve some of the gruesome and heart wrenching real-life crime cases. Promising to keep the viewers at the edge of their seats, each episode will deal with one specific crime solved by a special investigation team of police officers. With a refreshing treatment, the show presents the ugly reality of crime cases while also giving a greater insight into such tragic crime cases.

Fresh perspective of the men in uniform

Crime Patrol 2.0 revolves around the lives of the men in uniform who investigate gruesome crime and have close encounters with treacherous criminals! While bringing forth impactful crime stories, along with giving a glimpse into the functionality of the police, the show will delve into the personal lives of the police officers, their camaraderie, and how these cases have a lasting impression on them. The show will make you celebrate and salute the men in khaki who go beyond their duty and sacrifice their personal lives just to protect the citizens.

Dynamic viewing experience

Shot across real locations, Crime Patrol 2.0 is narrated through the point of view of the ‘cops’ who are deeply invested in protecting the victims and citizens at large.  The viewers will not only enjoy the thrill of the plot but also understand the anatomy of a crime, the vigorous attempt of the cops solving the crime case highlighting unseen facets of the investigation, usage of new-age tools, the chase; the anticipation, pressure and drive to find an answer.

Spine chilling crime cases that will blow your mind

Whenever we watch a crime show or film, we always feel we know what happens, or what is about to happen, but the episodic stories of Crime Patrol 2.0 will tell us how. The show takes the viewers on an intriguing yet spine-chilling roller coaster ride as it brings forth heinous and unbelievable acts of crime from across the country. As the cops investigate each and every case, along with understanding the anatomy of the crime, the viewers will also get to witness the psyche of the culprit, making them more alert and vigilant in real-life situations. Definitely makes for a gripping watch!

Keeping you ‘Satark’ always

Crime Patrol 2.0 will keep the original essence alive, reiterating an important message of identifying certain behaviors, patterns and staying satark, making it an immersive viewing experience

Naye Andaaz mein, satark karne aa raha hain ‘Crime Patrol 2.0’- starting tonight, every Mon-Fri at 10 pm, only on Sony Entertainment Television!


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