5 Avatars Of The Dimple Girl Soundarya Sharma that makes her one of the most loved contestants in Bigg Boss 16

Season 16 of Bigg Boss is keeping everyone hooked and engaged. The contestants have been fighting hard to win every task by being fierce and discreet. At the same time, Soundarya Sharma is among those contestants who have successfully shown her different shades inside the house. The diva who is a doctor by profession, later stepped into glamour with her immense talent.

Here are the five avatars of the Dimple Girl, Soundarya Sharma, that made her one of the most loved contestants in Bigg Boss 16!

Soundarya Sharma is brave and outspoken. She never wavers from her argument and never flinches. She fights for what she believes in and for the people she believes in. She has a strong will and is determined. She exudes confidence and is fearless. She is unquestionably one of the season’s most formidable competitors.

Soundarya Sharma completed her Bachelor of Dental Studies. Before entering the industry, Soundarya applied for residency positions in a few hospitals in Delhi and spent time working there. Her true passion, though, was to pursue acting, and after a few auditions, she decided to pursue it full-time.

Dynamic Actor
While she was still in the Bigg Boss house, her much-anticipated web series Country Mafia was released. The diva has been portrayed as the vicious successor to the throne. She was seen opposite Ravi Kishan and Anita Raj. Many people praised her acting in Country Mafia, which caught them off guard. Her performance in it will be remembered for a long time.

Thank God look
The film, with Sidharth Malhotra and Ajay Devgn in pivotal roles, grabbed a lot of attention for Soundarya, who played this role with poise and elegance. Her glamorous avatar and exquisite taste were loved by many. Her cameo in Thank God! made a more significant impact.

Out of the Bed look
Apart from the Bigg Boss theme song that wakes people up, what has been soothing is seeing Soundarya’s out-of-bed look. Let us not forget those dimples that never fail to steal our hearts! She looks just as pretty, which gives a better start to one’s day.

Well, India’s most loved and controversial show is leaving no stone unturned to keep the audience hooked. Soundarya Sharma, on the other hand, is keeping her momentum going and has been making her mark as the most eligible contestant to grab the Bigg Boss 16 trophy.


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