21-year-old Tik Tok Tanya Pardazi dies in skydiving accident

Tanya Pardazi was a tik toker and she was a beauty queen. She has about 95.4 thousand followers on her Twitter profile, while she has got more than 2 million likes. Due to this, it can be said that Tanya Pardazi was a popular face on tik tok and she was also very beautiful as she was only 21 years old. She was a student of Philosophy. She was studying at a university. She was also part of the team of cheerleaders.

Tanya Pardazi also participated in the Miss Canada beauty pageant in 2017 and became a semi-finalist. On her Tik Tok account, she used to talk about things like psychology, aliens, and history. She shared her last video on 22 August, in which she was talking about solving a puzzle. Tanya Pardazi has also talked about skydiving in this.

According to reports, Tanya Paardazi went for her solo skydive on August 27 but it proved fatal for her. According to reports, her parachute did not open on time. Due to this, her parachute could not fill the air and she fell to the ground. She was hospitalized. But she was declared dead in the hospital. Her fans were saddened by the death of Tanya Pardazi.

Contributed by: Uttam Kumar Ojha

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