2023 Fiver: Entertainment Mediums that ruled the year

Entertainment, Entertainment, Entertainment… 2023 can be summed up in these three words! The year has been a rollercoaster ride for all entertainment enthusiasts, with interesting and engaging content flowing from every nook and corner. From classic mediums to innovative platforms, the year kept audiences hooked with a diverse array of experiences. As we bid farewell to 2023, let’s take a look at the top 5 mediums that took centre stage and ruled the entertainment landscape in India.

*Audio Series*
The year 2023 witnessed audio series emerge as the most popular form of entertainment, drawing in listeners with their compelling narratives. Pocket FM, a audio series platform, became the trailblazer of this trend, offering an immersive experience, with gripping dramas, suspenseful thrillers, romance, and more. Series like Insta Millionaire and Devil Se Shaadi garnered umpteen attention from people across India. Pocket FM’s ease of accessibility, friendly interface, and on-the-go convenience, helped in making a space in the hearts of listeners.

*Web Series:*
OTT continued writing its success story by offering an array of content across genres like thriller, suspense, romance, drama and more. Some of the series that caught viewers’ attention and kept them glued to the screens were Farzi, Jubilee Season 1, The Railway Men: The Untold Story Of Bhopal 1984 Season 1, Guns & Gulaabs Season 1, Made In Heaven Season 2, The Jengaburu Curse Season 1 and Saas, Bahu Aur Flamingo Season 1 among others. The medium not only retained its hold on audiences but also established itself as the preferred choice for many.

*A-Lister Movies:*
2023 has turned out to be the year when Bollywood had its redemption arc! After 2 years, Bollywood made its comeback, and how! One after one, audiences witnessed box office successes, with some films even crossing the 500 crores mark. Yes! Pathaan, Gadar 2, Jawan, Tiger 3, and the recently released Animal made it to the elite club, mesmerising audiences globally. The first film to set the stage for Bollywood’s grand comeback, which also marked Shah Rukh Khan’s return to the big screen after four years. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that SRK gave Bollywood the much-required boost, followed by Sunny Deol proving nostalgia is a hit formula, Tiger 3 assuring that sequels are a lasting trend and Ranbir Kapoor along with Bobby Deol demonstrating that both, the narrative and the acting are integral for a hit.

*Reality Shows:*
Reality shows have been an integral part of Indian entertainment for years, and 2023 was no different. The viewership only surged as unforeseen drama, display of talent, and emotionally resonant narratives captivated viewers. While 2023 saw the emergence of new reality shows like Temptation Island, IRL: In Real Love, and others, it reaffirmed that old is gold! Ranking the chart for the most-loved show was The Kapil Sharma Show, which not only tickled funny bones but evoked a range of emotions. While Salman Khan promised a unique fusion of gameplay and emotions as the host of Bigg Boss 17, Season 14 of Indian Idol saw the return of musical prowess with Hussain Kuwajerwala returning as the host after many years.

Concerts came around a huge circle of life starting from closed room auditorium to open outdoor concerts to coming back to square one. In 2023 the biggest music festival in the world, Lollapalooza, captivated Mumbaikars with a stellar roster that included The Strokes, Imagine Dragons, and Diplo.
VH1 Supersonic made a triumphant return to Pune, featuring Anne Marie, CKay, Tyga, and more, promising an eclectic blend of music, art, and culture. Electronic music got crazier in a 17th-century palace – Magnetic Fields Festival had an amazing lineup of budding as well as well-known artists like Glass Beams. Otik, Philtersoup, Sourya Sen, Farah MullaPhiltersoup, Sourya Sen, and Farah Mulla just to name a few.

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