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Who are we?

We are a group of people working on Social Media Marketing / Promotion. Our group consists of people from various fields related to social media marketing like Graphic Designing, Social Media Experts, Content Creators, SEO Experts and local Event organisers.

What have we done?

In past we have worked for many Movies/Facebook and other social media page management of actor/actress and celebrity/politician pages. Creative and other promotional things of the movie are done by our dedicated team.

Social Media as Important Marketing Tool!

Social Media has emerged as an option much better than other traditional means. Newspaper advertisement and all are almost obsolete now for a majority of the industry. Nobody has time to go through heavy newspapers, etc. In modern times of tablets and smartphones, people prefer everything on their palm in as easy format as possible. And social media meets this requirement of the modern generation.

Understanding Each Client!

As social media is quite dynamic, there cannot be a hard set procedure to be followed and that is what we specialize in. We do have a few set packages but mostly, we design an exclusive package for each of our clients after understanding their needs. This creates a very friendly working atmosphere both for the client and our team.

We understand that in today’s time of cut throat competition, everyone wants to stand out in the crowd and present their best. Our team is committed to meet this objective of each of our clients. We are committed to do our best for the client within a pre-defined time frame.

The following platforms in detailing:

A) Facebook : Facebook is well-known social media platform for promoting product or services. It is very easy to find valuable customer on Facebook. We have the capacity to promote client’s page and provide Millions of hit. The promotion that will be done will be an organic promotion aimed at engaging the client’s desired target group.

B) Twitter: This is a powerful platform of social media to share your thoughts publicly and the tweets are often targeting specific people or events. Retweet and hashtag are the main features of the Twitter platform.

C) You Tube/Vimeo: Through YouTube and Vimeo Platform you can promote your video content easily and worldwide. These are the biggest Platform to promote your video content at the glance level. Unique concept like 2-5 minutes video with more interactive way or desi tadka work very effectively.

D) Instagram: Instagram is a great social media platform and now a part of facebook, dedicated to sharing stills and photos of a person, brand, film or any other entity. You can use trending keywords by hashtag in Instagram and also tag other pages and friends.

E) Pinterest: Pinterest is a platform that used as a visual discovery tool. People use Pinterest to collect ideas for projects and interests. We can use Pinterest by creating different Boards and Pins.

F) Google+: Google + now become an important tool of presence on web. It will help in searching images on Google on top.

G) Website SEO / SEM: If you have any existing website for the dedicated film or star then we can help you in promoting through different Methods:

Organic SEO – also known as Ethical Search Engine Optimization – In this we work on Ethical process based on Google Guidelines / Algorithm and process of SEO.

Here is the list of process which we will do-

  1. a) Search Engine Submission
  2. b) Directory Submission
  3. c) Local listings
  4. d) Social Bookmarking
  5. e) Local Classifieds listings
  6. f) Article Submission
  7. g) Blog Submissions
  8. h) Press release submissions

 Organic SEO helps the website to get ranked on specific keywords. This process is more authentic in long term to promote product and services. But this is little long process so need to be patient while taking this service minimum 6 months.

2) Google Paid Advt – Google Adwords: This is other part of Digital Marketing which is belongs to Paid advertisement process from Google called Google adwords and also paid services on other search engines.

– In this we have to choose some specific keywords and then needed to setup the following things in Google adwords

  • Campaign– The complete campaign which consist of Adgroups, Keywords and budget.
  • Ad group– Specific Group of ads which we needed to make for some keywords group
  • Keywords – Keywords must be optimized in Google campaign
  • Budget– Budget can be fixed or variable (per day or month or on per keyword)as per requirement

These all are based on the given keywords and the specific requirement for campaign.

Content Creation:

IMDB Movie Page (Internet Movie Database) an online database of information   related to films, television programs and celebrities.

Wikipedia Page presence is important as google consider Wikipedia content on priority and more authentic.

Articles/Blog is playing important role in promoting any website or product. Rich content is source of promoting on different platforms.

Poster and cover image hosting through and FB Page of different entertainment oriented websites.

Movie content, Music, First look, Review posting will also distribute to all entertainment and celebrity websites and blogs.

Various contests if interested (creative’s and promoting of the contests done by us)

Services not including:

  • Google + other search engine paid ads ( applicable as per Google norms )
  • Facebook paid ads ( applicable as per Facebook norms )
  • IMDB registration charges ( applicable as per IMDB norms )
  • Any other billable and additional paid service of promotion ( If applicable in any case, otherwise not ) ( applicable as per individual web service norms ) 

Please feel free to get in touch with us or contact through form below.


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